Society for the Preservation of Minnesota's Heritage (SPMH)

The O.G. Anderson & Co. “Big Store”, a 1901 two-story brick structure, was the largest department store between Mankato, Minnesota, and Watertown, South Dakota, when it was built.  The first floor sold an assortment of dry goods and groceries while the Opera Hall on the second floor was the site of a variety of community events including lectures, plays, basketball games, and roller skating, to name a few.

The first floor is currently home to the Minneota Public Library, a beautiful space that is well-used by patrons and a source of community pride.  The second floor Opera Hall has been reorganized and undergone some cosmetic improvements.  Recent community events there have been well received and plans for the future include many more activities.

SPMH purchased the building in 1978 and has worked to repair and maintain this iconic piece of Minneota history.  The brick exterior needs extensive repointing, a process that removes and repairs brick and mortar that is deteriorating, in order to secure the building’s exterior.  SPMH is spearheading the fundraising campaign to raise money needed for this expensive project.  Priority one work is planned for the summer of 2022, and priority two work will take place as funding allows.

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!

Donations for SPMH should go to:

c/o Sandy Josephson
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