April 2, 2022 Library News

April 2, 2022
Library News, by Gail Perrizo
What a Successful Winter it has been!
We sold all of our 500 tickets for our Fundraiser and drew the names of 10 winners (posted in
the Mascot and on our Facebook page). Thank you to all who donated and bought tickets.
Our Winter Reading Program ended March 31. We had 30 participants, many who completed
the 12-book goal and winning a prize of either a mug, book bag, snowflake tool, or candy bar. Many
went on to read a second set of 12 books to claim another prize. To our top three readers, we
awarded a fifteen dollar gift certificate to City Hall Bar and Grill. Those winners were Kelly Martin
Kimpe, Audrey Timm, and Bonnie Hanson. Congratulations to all of our winners!
Someone came into the library today and picked up a book to read for her book club. We
ordered several copies of the book from area libraries so we would have enough for all of the
members to read at the same time. Each month they get together — either in the library’s meeting
room or in someone’s home — to discuss the particular book that they have read. The patron
commented: “I’m so glad we do this! It has turned me into a reader.”
There are at least two book clubs in Minneota that use the library to find books for their group.
We can help any group that decides to form a book club. Book clubs are becoming popular again.
They give people a chance to meet new friends and stay connected with others. Book clubs get you
to expand your mind by reading different types of books that you might not pick up otherwise. They
help you learn about other cultures and expand your knowledge of the world, and they give you
something to do in your spare time.
Book clubs can be formed among people who know one another, but many book clubs can
be online. Goodreads is a well-known online book club. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Reese
Witherspoon have book clubs and also recommend books for other clubs to read together.
If you decide to form a book club, the Minneota Library will do anything it can to help you find
the books you need.