July 2022 Library News

July 17, 2022
Library News, by Gail Perrizo
Reminder to all the youth signed up for the Summer Reading Program: turn in your reading
logs and sign up for the prizes! Drawing for prizes takes place on Saturday, August 20th.
Summer is a time when we ask “what book should I take to the beach this year?” In these hot
July days, we may also be saying, “Since it’s too hot to go outside, I’d better pick up a book or two
from the library!” We can help you find those summer books to read!
Summertime is often when we go on long trips, so if you’re going on vacation and your car
connects to a Bluetooth device, you can listen to books on your trip by getting the Libby App or the
Hoopla App on your phone. (We can help you with this). Libby has both eBooks and audio books;
Hoopla has those plus videos. Those services are free to you! All you need is a library card.
For years, William Kent Krueger’s mystery series has been on my list of “books to read.”
Finally, I started the series. I borrowed the first book in the series as an audio book from Libby and
listened to it on Memorial Weekend as I drove to northern Minnesota. I am, like many others who
read his books, “hooked” on this series. I’m already on book #10. I like to check the book out from
the library and also borrow the audio book from Libby. When I’m driving someplace, working in the
kitchen, or when I’m riding the lawn mower, I listen to the story. But if I’m sitting in a chair or in bed, I
have the book. It’s a way for me to get through books faster! Krueger is a Minnesota author, and a
good one!
About good Minnesota authors: There is a program called Moving Words put on by the St.
Paul Public Library. Minneota Public Library will be hosting Moving Words for the Plum Creek
Library System on Monday, September 19, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.
Every year they have Minnesota authors visit and give talks about their work and take
questions from those attending. “It is an opportunity for writers and readers to explore various
themes together: the impact of literature in their lives, their connection as fellow Minnesotans, and
the lens through which they read,” according to the St. Paul Friends of the Library. Moving Words
events happen at libraries throughout the state.
The Minnesota writers they choose are from a pool of writers nominated for a Minnesota
Book Award in the current year. The three Minnesota writers visiting Minneota will be Daniel
Bernstrom (writer of children’s books), Allen Eskens (well-known fiction/mystery author) and Ranae
Lenor Hanson (memoir/creative non-fiction writer).
This event is sponsored by The Friends of the St. Paul Library/Minnesota Center for the
Book; Minnesota Department of Education; BNSF Railway; The Clean Water, Land, & Legacy
Amendment; Minnesota State Arts Board; and Plum Creek Library Systems.